Mad Trucker

Mad Trucker is an awesome flash game where the main mission of the player is to crush down everything with the help of his mad truck. You have definitely played games like this before, where you have to collect money and then upgrade your vehicle to make it even stronger. In mad trucker, the most important updates that you can apply to your vehicle are – Engine upgrade, Fuel Tank upgrade, weapon upgrade and so on. Your mission is to drive as long as it is possible, but keep in mind that a lot of other cars will make this aim a bit difficult. Enemy planes and helicopters are also hunting you, so the weapons that are installed on your truck – rockets and bullets will help you to fight with the enemy.  Everytime you kill an enemy, you gain money which can be used inside the shop to buy upgrades. Hope you will enjoy this great game. We are offering you the latest version of the game – Mad Trucker 3. Have fun.

The game takes some time to load, be patient, please